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Art and Creativity

Fashionart works exclusively in high fashion, a very difficult sector where experience join art and creativity with technical expertise.

We feel customer satisfaction means giving a service with an almost obsessive attention to details.

Italy is the country of
“Beautiful and Well Made”

We Italians are born with this talent but we must translate it into our products that integrating more and more re- search and technology.

This mix allows us to be unbeatable in the world of Fashion.

The main source of our success comes from the ability to interpret trends and keep up with the times. This process starts from the study of the raw material: fabric.
Knowing new fabrics, we can perceive their potential and translate it into new clothing.
Like a sculptor who perceives the potential of a work of art in a beautiful piece of wood.
In addition, it is important to always study new technologies and to know the regulations in force, for ex- ample R.e.a.c.h. in the chemical sector.

In fashion, attention is often paid to special effects, but when you move from a prototype to mass production problems arise at times. Not everything is possible and therefore our support is precious for a designer to turn a sketch into a prototype and then into production articles that can be made with the requisites of comfort and wearability.