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The beginning

FashionArt was conceived by Andrea Rambaldi, who, after having learned the business from his mother, a dressmaker, and his father,
the owner of an industrial laundry/dyehouse, decided to start his own career as a freelancer. He started collaborating with companies in the textile sector,
where he gained further knowledge in the chemical field and industrial processes, experiencing the problems of production cycles finally.

Skein of jeans Sewing machine

The real turning point arrived following an important job done for the Maison Chanel, who recognized the originality and efficiency of his technical proposals. From that moment, in 2008, FashionArt, a company focused on luxury fashion and design, expert in designing and producing clothing, came to life.

The company is able to work alongside the client for the entire production process, from coming up with the idea to the final product.

Since then, the company has grown exponentially thanks to a team of managers, artists and experts known as reference points in the haute couture sector.

Luxury Fashion Design 100% Made in Padova

Our ethical code

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